European School of Business & Management SE is an international school providing vocational education in MBA, DBA, BBA, LLM and MSc. The Institute draws on years of experience from prestigious foreign universities and the Oxford system of education, which has its roots in the British higher education system. Compared to the continental model, the Oxford model of education focuses mainly on the development of the student’s logical abilities and skills and their demonstration in real life and practice. In this manner, students will learn a variety of study, communication and practical skills that they can use to build their personal and professional careers.

A unique aspect of the form of study at ESBM is primarily the content of the curriculum, which combines modern topics taught with the opportunity to compile a study program consisting of subjects of your choice. Thanks to this, students have the opportunity to compile a curriculum from the courses offered to meet all the requirements for the specialization of the study and to be in line with the professional focus or personal interests of the student. This education model is gaining popularity abroad, as students can combine education according to their own wishes and gain knowledge not only from one main field of study, but also from other areas.

Course at ESBM mainly takes place online, which allows even the busiest students who do not have time to attend regular classes.

Thanks to MBA, DBA, BBA, LLM and MSc studies, at ESBM, students gain the most important information and skills from different fields of study and disciplines, which they can then perfectly apply to their everyday life and practice.

The course model thus targets the individual’s ability to draw logical and factual connections and teaches students to think analytically and make decisions. Emphasis is also placed on the personal development of a manager. In the framework of the study, theory is maximally connected with practice, which helps learn theoretical rules in a natural way and to apply them in practice.

Through the provision of quality education in the BBA, MBA, DBA, LLM and MSc studies, ESBM shapes more effective and responsible leaders and managers who, thanks to their vision and acquired managerial knowledge, will be able to tackle any challenge that arises before them. Thanks to international cooperation, we bring students not only local, but especially global information and ideas that help introduce innovative methods and make people’s work more efficient.

ESBM provides its students with opportunities to consult on practice issues and matters with a professional team of lecturers in any preferred form (online, by phone or in person). At any time, students can turn to an experienced professional who will be fully at their disposal.

An indisputable advantage of studying at ESBM is the possibility to start classes anytime during the year. Thus, there is no need to wait for the start of study program or to deal with the opening of the required course. At ESBM you are guaranteed an opening for every MBA, DBA, BBA, LLM or MSc studies regardless of the number of applicants.

ESBM’s vision includes the following:

  • To help students become successful in their professional and personal lives.

  • Streamline processes within an organization.

  • Come up with new suggestions and ideas.

  • Make recommendations to maximize the turnover of our students’ businesses.

  • Bring added value to our students in the form of exclusive information.

  • To inspire other educational institutions to focus on modern forms of education.

  • To develop the personality of our students.

  • Communicate global information and ideas to help implement innovative methods.