What studying at ESBM will give to you!

1. Modern Education Method

ESBM uses a combination of online learning and interactive workshops to improve the quality of MBA programs. The studies are based on the so-called Oxford model of teaching, which has its roots in the British university system. They encourage students’ independent thinking, information search and logical reasoning, which go beyond theoretical knowledge. As a student, you will learn a variety of study, communication and practical skills that you will use to build your professional and personal career.

2. Studies with International Accreditation

ESBM is accredited by prestigious foreign associations that oversee the quality of education, lecturers, teaching and the entire institution. Thanks to accreditations, the school declares progress and improvement throughout the educational process. ESBM has been repeatedly awarded by renowned international institutes for the quality of the entire school and management programs.

3. New Skills and Knowledge

Studying for an MBA at the European School of Business & Management will offer you new opportunities and move you forward. Not only will you meet many interesting people, but you will also gain valuable knowledge and information you will not find in regular literature. After completing a year of practice-oriented studies, you will use the experience gained not only in your work but also in your personal life.

4. Professional Development

By studying the management program at the European School of Business & Management, you will learn to open your mind to new information and ideas, allowing you to view professional problems in a whole new light. You will increase your professional qualification and learn to solve problems in an effective and constructive way in accordance with the overall concept of corporate management.

5. Better Job Placement

Graduating from an MBA sends a clear message – you are interested in further professional development, working on yourself, are flexible and open to new information and opportunities. At the same time, you have practical knowledge. This gives you a competitive advantage over others. Our graduates successfully use their newly acquired knowledge and practical management experience in prestigious domestic and multinational companies.

6. Competitiveness

Demands are constantly increasing in working life. Today, not only directors but also managers have to continuously educate themselves in order to remain competitive. Professional development and the increase of qualifications help them achieve this. Studying an MBA is the right tool to maintain your professional awareness and update your experience.

7. Gaining of new Contacts

During your MBA studies, you will meet many interesting people among lecturers and classmates. You have the opportunity to discuss your questions and experiences or exchange valuable and practical advice from the management field. You will not only gain new business contacts, but also many new friends.

8. Improve your Own Company

In the business world, you always have to be better than the competition. It is no longer possible to run a company without the necessary managerial knowledge and skills. If a corporation does not have set internal processes, set competencies, then sooner or later problems will arise. We will teach you how to prevent problems or how to solve them as efficiently as possible.

9. Prestigious Title

Upon successful completion of the MBA program at ESBM, you will be awarded the prestigious professional degree of MBA, which is listed after your name. You will also receive a diploma of graduation in Czech and English. By completing your studies at ESBM you can also obtain the prestigious IES and ICI international certificates.

10. Membership in Alumni Club

All graduates of the European School of Business & Management remain members of the club after graduation and are regularly invited to various school events, such as lectures with interesting personalities, professional conferences and social events.