Expand your knowledge and practical skills. Increase your value on the labour market. The MBA study focuses on practical management skills. The study is intended for all those who want to develop in their field and draw new knowledge and experience.

The European School of Business & Management is an ideal choice for all those interested in online studies from Vienna.

The study is based on the Oxford model, which ensures the support of the independent thinking of students, the ability to search and sort information and logical argumentation. Studies can be started immediately, at any time of the year. The great advantage, especially for very busy students, is the possibility to fully adapt your study with your own time.

An important part of the study is the team of lecturers. It consists of professional and very experienced lecturers. The lecturers have many years of experience in top positions or operating at universities. Lecturing is always focused on current trends.

Our graduates have the prerequisites for growth in their career ranking and gaining better financial remuneration. MBA education is a great opportunity to open new options not only for the professional but also for personal growth.

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Advantages of MBA studies

Studying an MBA will bring you many advantages, here are the main ones:
Study focused on practice

The study is based on the so-called Oxford education model, which effectively connects theory with practice and develops the abilities and skills of each student.

E-learning system

A professional student section with all study materials, information documents and access to an online library with over a million titles.

Benefit časová flexibilita
Time flexibility

You can start your studies at any time during the year and thanks to the modern e-learning system, you can study from anywhere according to your own time options.

Wide selection of MBA specializations

Students choose a specialization according to their interest and focus. We guarantee the opening of each of the 8 specializations regardless of the number of applicants.

Top team of lecturers

The team of lecturers is made up of professionals who have a diverse focus and thus ensure professional coverage of individual MBA specializations.

Online study

E-learning enables even the busiest people to study. Students can study according to their own time options.

Process of MBA studies at ESBM

The advantage of studying at ESBM is the possibility to start studying at any time and adapt the study to one's own time possibilities.

The MBA study lasts 1 year and is divided into three blocks. Each block is further divided into individual modules. The study takes place online.

Trial study

Interested in an MBA at ESBM but not sure if it’s right fit for you? See for yourself now! Complete 3 core modules. Then decide for yourself whether to continue.

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Discounted price of MBA studies!

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In addition, you can spread the payment up to twelve installments without increasing the price.
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