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Detailed Course of MSc study at ESBM

The course is conducted in Czech, the entire study takes 1 year. The time flexibility of the study allows you to adapt it to your own possibilities and preferences.
  • Master of Science (MSc) is a postgraduate program that gives you a comprehensive overview of current trends in your chosen field with a focus on the future development.

  • The MSc study is narrowly focused and suitable for middle and senior management, entrepreneurs, executives and those interested in expanding their existing knowledge and skills in the chosen field.

  • The European School of Business & Management SE uses a combination of online study and interactive seminars (workshops). The study is based on the Oxford model of education, which has its roots in the British university system and encourages students’ independent thinking, information seeking and logical reasoning superseding theoretical knowledge.

  • The advantage of studying at the ESBM is time flexibility – the possibility of starting your studies immediately and adapting them to your own time possibilities. Thanks to the e-learning system, every student student has the opportunity to study from anywhere and choose the specific dates that suit them.

  • The MSc study takes 1 year and is conducted in Czech and combines modern e-learning with interactive seminars. The study is divided into 3 blocks and each block is further divided into individual modules. 1. Block – basic – is the same for all students and contains 5 modules. 2. Block – specialized – students choose one specialization, which is further divided into 3 modules. 3. Block – optional – students choose 2 modules from a wide offer of optional modules.

  • Seminars are always held on weekends and consist of 4 course days. Seminars take place in modern premises in the center of Prague. All specializations can be studied at a discounted price also in online form of study (without the possibility of attending course days).

  • The course is conducted by professional lecturers, who are selected experts on specific topics. Lecturers are fully available to all students throughout their studies and students can consult on any topics and issues outside the classroom.

  • The e-learning system (modern study platform) facilitates the actual course of study and the availability of information. Within the system, students have access to study materials, presentations, education materials, lecture schedules and all the information they need to study.

  • The output for each block are seminar papers or case studies. For the first block the student prepares 3 seminar papers, for the second block 2 seminar papers and for the third block 1 seminar paper or case study, or another form defined in the syllabus of the specific module. The study concludes with the preparation of a thesis and its defense.

  • A successful graduate obtains the MSc. degree, which is written after his/her name. MSc graduates are a great asset to their company as they deepen their theoretical knowledge during their studies, which they then apply to their role in the company.

All specializations can be studied at a discounted price also in online form of study (without the possibility of attending course days).

Study benefits

Professional team of lecturers

The ESBM team of lecturers is comprised of top professionals who have many years of practical experience. Lecturers often work in leading management positions or in consulting companies, thanks to which they are able to pass on their practical experience and know-how to students.

Modern e-learning system

The professional learning platform facilitates the learning itself and ensures a smooth course of study. Students will find study materials, information about seminars, schedules and all necessary documents, which maximizes convenience and accessibility of information.

Online knihovna
Online library

Students will gain access to quality information resources as part of their studies. Students can borrow some of the required literature from the ESBM’s regular library or from the online library, which offers more than 1.000.000 titles.

Professional workshops beyond the scope of studies

ESBM regularly organizes professional workshops for students and graduates on interesting topics in the field of management, leadership, finance, law or marketing. The workshops are free of charge and take place outside of regular seminars.

Discounted price of MSc studies!

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