• Interested in an MBA but not sure if it’s right fit for you? Take advantage of the non-binding option of an MBA Trial study. With the completion of the trial study, you can try everything out and then decide for yourself whether or not to continue your studies.

  • You can take either 2 study modules (Management, Strategic Management) or 3 modules (Financial Management, Marketing and Public Relations, Human Resource Management) within the basic block for one month. If you decide to continue your studies after this period, nothing prevents you from successfully completing the entire program and obtaining an MBA degree.

  • If you decide not to continue with the MBA studies for any reason, it can be terminated immediately after one month with no further obligations or payments. If you meet the conditions of trial studying, you will be issued an international certificate in Czech and English for the completed learning modules. If you wish to continue your studies, your study modules will be recognized throughout the MBA program.

  • To apply for the MBA Trial study, you must meet the following Conditions of Admission for MBA programmes at ESBM, i.e. completed university education at least at the bachelor level or, where appropriate, completed professional education in a BBA program, or proven experience in a management or managerial position, together with a completed secondary education with a high school diploma.

  • We offer the MBA Trial study at a discounted price of 388 € (9.500 CZK) excluding VAT. If you continue your MBA studies, this fee will be deducted from the total tuition of the program.

The MBA Trial study fee includes:

  • participation in a face-to-face seminar of 2 or 3 study modules,
  • refreshments at the seminar (lunch and coffee break),
  • full administrative support throughout the study period,
  • access to the student section with all materials and a platform for communication with lecturers,
  • individual consultation with lecturers,
  • support of the study department, individual consultations with the study coordinator,
  • the opportunity to submit seminar papers including evaluation,
  • library services,
  • execution of certificates.

The next seminar will take place on Saturday 14. 9. 2024. For more information about studying MBA Trial Study, do not hesitate to contact our study coordinators.

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