MBA study now for an EXTRAORDINARY price of 3.347 €!

Sign up by 21. 7. 2024 and study the MBA program at a discounted price of 3.347 € without VAT.
Submission of the application is FREE! You can spread the tuition fee up to 12 installments without increasing the price.
Price in EUR
Price in USD
Price in CZK
Study price after discount
can be spread into 1 to 12 installments
3.347 € excl. VAT
4.050 € incl. VAT
Study price after discount
can be spread into 1 to 12 installments
3.565 $ excl. VAT
4.314 $ incl. VAT
82.000 CZK excl. VAT
99.220 CZK incl. VAT
Standard price
without a discount
4.653 € excl. VAT
5.630 € incl. VAT
Standard price
without a discount
4.956 $ excl. VAT
5.997 $ incl. VAT
114.000 CZK excl. VAT
137.940 CZK incl. VAT
valid till 21. 7. 2024
1.306 €
valid till 21. 7. 2024
1.391 $
32.000 CZK

It is also possible to finance the studies through the employee benefits of the companies Pluxee, Benefit Plus and

Tuition includes everything you need to successfully complete your studies, including many benefits:

  • processing of application,
  • the possibility of the start of the study at any time during the year,
  • unlimited access to the student section with your own study materials, information and study aids, including videos,
  • participation in face-to-face and online seminars,
  • free choice of several dates of attendance seminars according to your own preferences and time possibilities,
  • participation in above-standard lectures, seminars and bonus workshops,
  • the possibility to attend seminars from other MBA specializations (including the provision of study materials),
  • refreshments at the seminars (coffee break and lunch),
  • online communication with lecturers and the study department within the student section,
  • individual consultation with lecturers,
  • consultation of seminar papers including correction attempt,
  • the opportunity to attend side events and other activities organized by ESBM,
  • possibility to change the MBA specialization during the course of study,
  • possibility of interruption or extension of studies according to the valid GST,
  • issuance of the MBA diploma in Czech and English,
  • bonus card with many discounts throughout your studies,
  • membership in the alumni club,
  • access to an online library with over 1.000.000 titles,
  • discount on the purchase of additional literature in Grada, Academic Bookshop and Malé centrum,
  • possibility of using your own ESBM library with hundreds of professional print titles,
  • spread your tuition fees over up to 12 installments without increasing the price of studies,
  • friendly approach of the study department and full administrative support throughout your studies.

All specializations can be studied at a discounted price also in online form of study (without the possibility of attending course days) for a promotional price 2.939 € without VAT.

Tax benefits

MBA study can be claimed by the company (employer) in the income tax base as expenses for the professional development of employees or statutory bodies (according to the provisions of §24 of Act No. 586/1992 Coll. on income taxes, as amended).

At the same time, this is income for employees, which is exempt according to the Income Tax Act if the study is related to the employer’s business.

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We accept students WITHOUT ENTRY EXAMS or interviews.
The condition is a completed university education or managerial experience.