Mgr. Renata Dušková, MBA

Patient Ombudswoman, Náchod Regional Hospital

I see studying at ESBM as the right choice. The main motivation for this type of study was to start devoting myself to myself again after a long time and moving further. “Doing what I enjoy” for a while. From a general perspective, I have long supported an investment in education that is your own and no one can take it away from you. It is then up to each individual how to use the newly acquired knowledge and experience, either for themselves or in their practice. I appreciate the individual and friendly approach, time flexibility. Opportunity to participate in other seminars. The seminars were communicative – discussion-based. In retrospect, I appreciate the willingness to adapt the studies to my difficult life situation. I studied Healthcare Management. The seminars and self-study have enriched my interest in the field with other areas such as PR or current legal information, which are now reflected in my new job. I recommend the study to every motivated person.