Filip Ondruš, MBA

Filip Ondruš, MBA has gradually been gaining his business and managerial experience since graduating from secondary industrial school. For seven years he worked in a multinational company as a branch manager with more than 100 employees. After a year of study and a stay abroad, he changed his field and started working in real estate sales, specializing in residential development projects. Since 2010 he has worked at the headquarters of a foreign franchising company as a trainer and lecturer of salespeople and also as a trainer of franchise owners and office managers in the field of time management and motivation. He is now mainly engaged in lecturing and consulting activities in the field of personal and professional development, as well as focuses on training managers who need to master the basic techniques of leading people and building a managerial attitude, regardless of whether they are just starting out in a managerial position or already have experience. Managers, team leaders or group leaders appreciate not only his theoretical knowledge, but also his own experience supported by long-term and ongoing experience in managerial and business positions.