PhDr. Karel Červený, MSc., MBA, DBA

PhDr. Karel Červený, MSc., MBA, DBA studied andragogy at UPOL Olomouc. He obtained his MSc in Economics from Trent Nottingham University and his MBA from Business School Netherlands. He is currently completing a rigorous procedure and studying creativity in doctorate PhD. studies at the University of Economics. Karel Červený is a visionary, manager – practitioner, creative, a teacher. He went through many professions, from a clerk at the house of culture, director of an educational agency, lecturer, coach, consultant, imagemaker, head of the personnel department, personnel director, teacher at the Faculty of Arts MU and University of Economics to the director of the educational agency Talent Innovation. He has novel forms of teaching, he knows how to present complex things in a simple way, he knows how to explain theory with examples from his managerial practice. He is a recognized expert in the development of creativity and innovative thinking.