Mindfulness online workshop: the key to being present

We bring you an online workshop on Mindfulness: the key to being present, or having your own emotions and thoughts under control. The workshop will be led by our graduate Petr Rozkošný, MBA, who acts as a mentor and is mainly dedicated to mindfulness, personal happiness and leadership development for beginners as well as experienced leaders.

WHEN: Tuesday 7/16/2024 from 5:00 p.m.
WHERE: online on the ZOOM platform

At the workshop, we will talk about the benefits of mindfulness as a scientifically proven field for increasing attention to ourselves and our surroundings. We will look at how to experience the present moment, how to work with thoughts, emotions and your own body. We will actively try and explain different meditations, breathing exercises, types and myths associated with them, as well as how to start with meditation. We will review the concepts of self and environmental awareness to explore the power of the present moment and gain tools to calm the mind. The goal is to provide you with practical mindfulness tools and techniques that you can immediately apply in your daily life, thereby reducing your stress and clearing your mind of thoughts and gaining control over your life.

We are looking forward to your participation!