Ing. Bc. Robert Morávek, MBA, LL.M.

Operations and Technical Director, 1. SčV, a.s.

I decided on LL.M. studies immediately after successfully completing my MBA due to the need for greater personal orientation in legal issues in the exercise of my profession. Of course, I did not expect to become a lawyer in one year of postgraduate education, but the need for professional instruction, knowledge of basic principles and rules in legal issues led me to this study. In the matter of employment law, which I also chose as the topic of my thesis, I aimed my education much more professionally and deeply, including securing the necessary literature for effective use in my job. The legal and elective education was very professional, effective and practically oriented and very beneficial for me personally. My great thanks go to the staff of the study department because, despite all the difficulties caused by the pandemic, they bravely arranged and managed everything necessary for the study. Professional and experienced lecturers offered practical approaches to the study topics. A sign of my satisfaction with my studies is my third follow-up study in the DBA program at ESBM. Finally, I wish everyone who chooses to study at ESBM every success and the successful completion of their studies.