RNDr. PaedDr. Róbert Szabó, PhD., PhD., MBA

Virologist, educator, biologist in the field of molecular and translational medicine and manager for innovation and vaccine production

Studying an MBA is not just about getting a degree with a name that looks “cool” or represents something. It is mainly about broadening your horizons and learning to think a little differently than “conventional” academic teaching offers. A lot of people have natural abilities to lead others to higher goals, they can organize their own work or other people’s work well, but they cannot name individual situations or analyze them. Studying an MBA at ESBM is primarily about practical self-knowledge, critical and creative thinking and reasoning, and learning to react promptly, adequately and with a calm head, even in the most demanding situations in the work environment. Even though ESBM has various recognized accreditations and certifications that the common man has little understanding of, the real quality of the study is mainly about the experienced lecturers who are real professionals not only with their education, but also with years of practical experience, for which I am very grateful. Thanks to this, I had the opportunity to get to know many different situations from many different backgrounds.