Specialized block BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration
BBA Business Management

The second block of study is specialized and consists of four educational modules which the student completes within his/her specialization. The specialized block is divided into 2 course days. Students can choose specific dates from a wide range of courses directly in the student section.

List of Specialized Modules

Business Processes and Strategies


The course introduces the principles and functioning of business and marketing processes in a company. The aim is to introduce the basic issues, to familiarize the student with the terminology and building optimal process configurations in sales and marketing. In basic form, the student will also learn the essence and importance of strategic management decisions and will be able to specify the procedures of creating a business strategy.

Customer Typology


The aim of the module is to familiarize students with the theory of customer typology, methods of determining personality type and effective use of the findings. The module shows and demonstrates the important position of identifying personality types in the entire process of customer acquisition and stabilization. Learners will be introduced to exact methods of determining personality type, principles of communicating with individual personality types, procedures for preventing critical situations, predicting and overcoming objections. Attention will also be paid to communication with problematic customers.

Performance Management System


During this module, students will be introduced to the basic knowledge of PMS. Future economic growth requires higher quantitative and qualitative demands on the workforce. It is no coincidence that companies implement various performance management and evaluation systems, popularly called Performance Management Systems, on a global scale. The aim is to achieve their development through excellence and unique performance.

Sales Skills


The aim of the module is to familiarize students with the preparation of the business process and the creation of an irrefutable offer. Furthermore, the role of the salesperson, the image and behavior of the salesperson and modern sales techniques. In the module, students will learn about the different stages of the sales cycle, how to improve them using different techniques and how to improve their presentation and sales skills. Students will identify their strengths and weaknesses in their own sales style and learn important principles of sales communication. The module develops and helps to improve the already learned and known sales skills. Through the module, students will learn how to find new sales arguments and how to achieve an increase in overall company sales. Students will be introduced to the structure of a business meeting, strategies for dealing with different types of clients and will also learn how to effectively present their offer.