Specialized block BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration
BBA Personnel Management and Andragogy

The second block of study is specialized and consists of four educational modules which the student completes within his/her specialization. The specialized block is divided into 2 course days. Students can choose specific dates from a wide range of courses directly in the student section.

List of Specialized Modules

Human Resources and Personnel Policy


During the module, participants will be introduced to the basic concepts in the field of personnel management and given a clear meaning of these terms. Students will gain a general knowledge of HR policy, learn to work with basic concepts and have an overview of modern trends in HR policy. Participants will complete the module with knowledge about planning and implementing HR policies in companies.

Motivation and Evaluation of Employees


How to motivate your subordinates? Together we will look at what motivation is, how it works, what are motivators and demotivators. How people’s motivations are changing in the developed world and how to offer your people motivators that appeal to them, enable their performance, effective work and loyalty. Even a supervisor’s influence, evaluation and feedback has an impact on people’s motivation. It does not have to be so expensive if we know how to do it. And we also reflect on the notion that money is the main motivation.

Education and Personal Development


This module focuses on the education and personal development of people in the 21st century. Within the framework of the presentation, the audience will be introduced to both classical approaches and modern approaches that reflect new technologies and processes, e.g. agile management, hybrid education, career design, etc. The module includes illustrative examples and case studies focusing on how to capture the learning of individuals and groups in an organizational setting to increase their effectiveness and engagement.

Legal Aspects of Personnel Management


The aim of the module is to provide students with a guide to the basic concepts and principles of employment law, taking them through the legal relationships between employer and employee before and during the creation, change and termination of employment or agreements outside the employment relationship.