My name is Karel Rajchl. Allow me to briefly introduce my professional life. I graduated as a construction technician and after finishing it I worked for some time as an au-pair in Germany. After this experience, I definitely decided that I want to continue my studies at university, specifically at the Faculty of Education in Ústí nad Labem in the field of mathematics – technology, psychology and pedagogy. After graduating, I was absolutely clear that I wanted to and that I would go on to teach. I started as a regular teacher of mathematics, physics, physical education, music education (I also play several musical instruments).

After a few years, I left to teach mathematics, descriptive geometry and professional drawing at a construction industry school. At the same time, I worked as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Education in the subject of constructive geometry. After some time, I received an offer from another elementary school for the position of deputy principal. This is not rejected. After 5 years of working in this position, I decided that I wanted to move on again, so after winning the audition, I became the principal of the neighboring primary and kindergarten school. I have been working here for ten years now. It was and still is a great experience and a constant mutual learning process. The work is very responsible and sometimes complicated.

Managing people is often very difficult indeed. That’s why I decided 4 years ago that I wanted to move a little further in the field of so-called soft skills, so I looked for several schools on the Internet that offered these studies. After evaluating them, I decided to study at ESBM in the field of soft skills. I must say that this choice has proven itself very well for me in all conceivable ways. Communication with the school management, communication with lecturers, the background of the school and the own level of study was really at a professional level. After graduating from ESBM, I looked at this or that problem in my work more professionally or at other times with greater insight or with greater professional equipment.

In addition to ESBM, I also studied etiquette with my friend Dr. Ladislav Špaček, who is known as a Czech follower of J. G. Jarkovský and as a popularizer of etiquette and social behavior. Furthermore, another icon of our social life, the famous Czech actor Doc, helped me very well in my professional life. Jan Přeučil, with whom I completed my studies in rhetoric.

Looking back on my study life and my work experience, I decided to offer my services to the management of ESBM as a lecturer. I passed and I currently work as a lecturer at ESBM in the BBA study module. In it, I can pass on my knowledge and experience to the students, which I have gathered throughout my life and which I still enjoy all the time. All of life is a constant process of mutual learning, and that’s the beauty of it.

Allow me to wish you all the best of luck in choosing the right school and the right field of study that will take you where you want to go!

Good luck to you!

Karel Rajchl