We offer prestigious MBA, DBA, BBA, LLM and MSc courses with international accreditation

We hold prestigious international accreditations from renowned foreign associations, we have received several awards for the high level of education provided and we are a member of many important organizations focusing on the support of postgraduate education. Membership in these professional institutions helps to improve the quality of education, adhere to ethical principles and fulfill the principles of effective education.

Study anytime, anywhere

MBA, DBA, BBA, LLM or MSc specializations can be started at any time throughout the year according to your own preferences. It is therefore not necessary to wait for the start of study programs or to solve the problem of opening the required educational program. Thanks to the online form of study, you have the opportunity to study from anywhere and at your own time. Studying at ESBM is therefore adapted to even the busiest. In addition, we do not burden students with unnecessary administrative tasks that would require them to commute to the school headquarters.

Learn online combined with face-to-face seminars

Course takes place online in combination with interactive seminars. After registering for the study, you will get access to the e-learning system, i.e. the student section. The face-to-face part of the MBA study always takes place on the weekend and consists of 4 full-day seminars. You have several dates to choose from.

The nearest MBA course day of the basic block starts on 14. 9. 2024.

Until this time, student can complete either modules from the specialization or modules from the optional block.

A comprehensive study of the benefits of studying at ESBM

Growth of income and turnover of graduates of our ESBM school

Prepared by the independent agency MEDIAN, s. r. o.
97 %

Graduates are convinced that investing in their MBA at ESBM has paid off.

93 %

The graduates confirmed that they had expanded their business and increased their turnover during their studies.

87 %

Thanks to their studies, the graduates have improved their job position or position in the company.

You can apply to study for FREE

You no longer pay a handling fee for submitting an application. In addition, you have the opportunity to draw interesting discounts and bonuses on products and services from our partners.

Additional study bonuses
A wide range of specializations

ESBM offers study in management programs MBA, DBA, BBA, LLM and MSc. Thanks to the wide range of specializations in each program, you will be educated according to your interest, field and preferences.

MBA specializations DBA specializations BBA specializations LLM specialization MSc specializations
A pro-client approach is a matter of course for us

A professional and individual approach to each student is a matter of course for us. Our study department will provide you with all information before starting your studies. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or make an appointment right away. The study department, lecturers and the entire ESBM team meet the requirements of students and we try to ensure your maximum satisfaction.

MBA study DBA study BBA study LLM study MSc study
The study is based on the Oxford educational model

We are based on the years of experience of prestigious foreign universities and the Oxford teaching system, which has its roots in the British higher education system. Compared to the continental model, the Oxford study model is mainly focused on the development of the student’s abilities and skills and their demonstration on real examples from practice. This system suppresses a form of rote learning.

More about the unique ESBM system
Discounted tuition and the possibility of installments

We regularly prepare special time-limited offers for you. In addition, you can spread the tuition fee up to 12 installments without increasing the price of the study.

MBA tuition DBA tuition BBA tuition LLM tuition MSc tuition
We work with a top team of lecturers

Our team of lecturers is made up of professionals in the given field. In addition to their teaching activities, lecturers often work in leading management positions or at consulting companies and are thus able to pass on their practical business experience to students.

Meet our lecturers
A unique student section

The e-learning system i.e. student section, is a unique professional learning platform that we have developed specifically for ESBM students. The student section, thanks to its simplicity, intuitive control, extraordinary practicality and reliability, facilitates the education itself and ensures the smooth course of the entire study.

Student section
Free access to professional literature

Throughout your studies, you are guaranteed access to quality information sources. You can borrow part of the professional required literature in the library of the study department, or use the online library, which has more than 1,000,000 titles.

Attend professional workshops for free

ESBM regularly organizes professional workshops for its students and graduates on interesting topics from various fields. Workshops are led by experts and professional lecturers who pass on their practical experience in an interactive way.

Professional workshops
MBA trial study

Are you interested in an MBA program, but not sure if the course is right for you? Take advantage of the non-binding option of studying an MBA for an exam. By studying for an exam, you will try everything and then decide for yourself whether you will continue your studies or not.

More informations about trial study
See graduates references

After completing your MBA, DBA, BBA, LLM or MSc studies, you do not lose contact with the school and lecturers. All ESBM graduates are regularly invited to various events, such as professional lectures with interesting personalities, networking meetings, professional conferences, social full-length events, etc.

Graduates references Company references
As a graduate of ESBM, you will find excellent employment

Our graduates find employment in top management positions. Newly acquired knowledge and practical experience gained as part of the MBA, DBA, BBA, LLM or MSc studies are successfully used in prestigious domestic and foreign companies.

MBA degree DBA degree BBA degree LLM degree MSc degree
You will receive membership in the alumni club

After completing your MBA, DBA, BBA, LLM or MSc studies, you do not lose contact with the school and lecturers. All ESBM graduates are regularly invited to various events, such as professional lectures with interesting personalities, networking meetings, professional conferences, social full-length events, etc.

Alumni club
Discounted price of MBA studies!

Study for a promotional price of 3.347 € without VAT 4.653 €.

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Valid for applications submitted by 21. 7. 2024.
In addition, you can spread the payment up to twelve installments without increasing the price.
You can start studying at any time during the year.