The whole world is moving into the online space. Most of us have already experienced meetings, online learning or internet interviews, which are slowly but surely becoming common practice. What to watch out for? We’ve written down the main points to help you make every video call a success.

1. Even technology sometimes has its days

The basis of every video call is technology, and as we all know very well, sometimes it happens that they speak at the worst possible moment. So check internet connection and battery status in advance to be sure. But don’t forget the correct distance and monitor settings and microphone test so that others don’t have to wait for you. Headphones can be a great helper, thanks to which you will not only find your way around better, but also improve the quality of your voice recording.

2. Don’t underestimate the right environment

Guess where the sun shines and where there is the smallest shadow in the apartment so that you can be seen clearly during a video call, not overlit or, conversely, in the dark. At the same time, watch out for distracting elements in the form of a hanger, dirty dishes or anything that you would not like to display in front of others. It is best to sit with your back to a clean wall, at a good distance from the monitor so that you can be heard but at the same time not too close (according to one study, too close to the monitor evokes a threatening attitude in people). Also, don’t forget to check that the environment won’t be too noisy – no one wants to shout over loud traffic outside or god forbid the neighbours’ drill during a meeting.

3. Dress like you would for a classic interview

Even though video meetings beckon to dress comfortably and you’re unlikely to be seen coming and going, wear a presentable model. In addition to avoiding the potential pajama pants faux pas in case you have to get up unexpectedly, it will also give you much needed confidence and concentration. It has been proven that changing into work clothes connects the brain with the work process and thus automatically starts productivity. In short, dress well for an online meeting as you would for a traditional office meeting.

4. Be careful with screen sharing

Turn off unwanted bookmarks that could cause a possible uproar. Even funny or even family photos on the background of the screen or your search history don’t look twice as professional. Just like in your apartment, be careful to only show the other participant what you really want so as not to compromise your authority. It will be best if you try screen sharing in advance, set everything you need and, last but not least, turn off any notifications.

5. Stay calm

The key to any meeting is to not stress, and this also applies to online meetings. Try to relax, smile more and take it easy. Before the meeting, go to the toilet and prepare a small snack and water, you better forget about coffee – it increases blood pressure and thus the level of stress. Instead, make some tea and try to focus on regular deep breathing, which stimulates the vagus nerve and thus helps relieve anxiety. And most importantly, and don’t forget, it’s nothing, it’s just a meeting.