Ing. Šárka Tomisová, DBA

In the field of education, he is involved with MBA students at several schools, primarily in the logistics field of study. Furthermore, he works in companies and institutions as a trainer, advisor and consultant, where he focuses on staff development and then works from basic knowledge to process setup or process reorganization, including personal development. She has worked in logistics in a number of companies where she has held managerial positions in logistics. Since 2009, she has been working with organizations that are dedicated to personal development, professional development and process setup in business, service and manufacturing companies. She also works as a trainer, advisor, coach and consultant in soft skills, personal development and coaching. She graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Přerov o.p.s., with which she continues to cooperate occasionally as a practitioner. In her further studies, she focused mainly on strategic management, HR and corporate personalisation, coaching and project management. In several areas she also acts as an authorized person of professional qualifications.