Ing. Petr Mrkos, MBA

Production Director, SHM, s.r.o.

I chose MBA studies after 18 years of experience in industry for three reasons. First of all, I wanted to check whether I was able to return to “student” mode after a long period of more or less operational work. For this purpose, ESBM offers a well-defined system of work to be mastered, but with a large degree of freedom of choice as to when and to what depth of study in each area the student sets. Secondly, the study was part of the “healing” therapy for mild burnout, which every person in a management position sometimes suffers during their profession. ESBM creates a fresh and friendly environment to meet interesting personalities from among lecturers and classmates. In addition, the Saturday trips to the ESBM seminars in Prague always have an air of unusualness for Moravian villagers, and the times are also suitable for relaxed train travel. The third motivation was for the technician, who was always sort of forced into management over time by circumstances, to broaden his/her education to include a number of economic aspects in which ESBM, by working in an online mode (student portal, e-literature, etc.), is able to offer a very up-to-date perspective on the subject.