Specialized block MBA

Master of Business Administration
MBA Project Management online

The second block of study is specialized block and consists of three educational modules that the student completes as part of his specialization. Course takes place online.

List of Specialized Modules

Project Strategy


The aim of this module is to expand theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of project strategy.

Preparation and Realization of Projects


The aim of the subject is a closer specification of project management, including an interpretation of the principles of creation and implementation of company projects into normal business practice.

Agile Methods and Trends in Project Management


The module first focuses on the analysis of current times and the comparison of current project management methods. Subsequently, the module focuses exclusively on agile methods and agile approaches. Finally, a detailed analysis of the effective agile SCRUM method is performed, which is used to organize the work of the team and which can be very easily used outside of the IT area.