Specialized block BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration
BBA Management

The second block of study is specialized and consists of four educational modules which the student completes within his/her specialization. The specialized block is divided into 2 course days. Students can choose specific dates from a wide range of courses directly in the student section.

List of Specialized Modules

Organisation, Management and Implementation


The module deals with management concepts and practices in the context of economic decision-making. It covers aspects of the subject areas of management. Attention is paid mainly to the issue of managerial skills taking into account individual personality differences, management of organizations at all their levels. Within the module, the student will gain basic knowledge of managerial functions and management styles, as well as process management, change management, knowledge and identity management and the culture of the organization and international management.

Corporate Culture and Ethics


The aim of the Corporate Culture and Ethics module is to demonstrate the importance of ethical behavior in the business environment. Explain the basic philosophical concepts and the history of the emergence of this social science and its influence on the formation of a person’s character in relation to the common morals, manner of conduct, attitude and mindset of persons who are part of the corporate culture of the organization.

Innovation and Change Management


After completing the module, the student is able to formulate a plan and gradually implement changes in different types of organizations, knows how to work with resistance and create an environment suitable for change. The student will be able to distinguish between managerial and leadership approaches in dealing with change. He/she can establish and implement innovation processes in the company as an elementary principle of corporate growth. Innovation is presented in the context of invention and other corporate contexts.

Strategic Thinking and Management


The aim of the module is to provide students with a basic overview of the need for strategic thinking as a prerequisite for creating vision, strategic goals and strategic plans. The lessons focus on awareness of mega trends, trends and weak signals of future trends. There is also a focus on finding synergies between events, because they interact and together they make something better or worse. Events never act in isolation – they always influence each other. Using examples from the past and present, we will explain how to understand today and, to some extent, tomorrow.