Specialized block DBA

Doctor of Business Administration
DBA Healthcare

The second block of study is specialized block and consists of 3 modules. The course takes place during one course day and students can choose the date according to their will, which gives opportunity for even the busiest to study.

List of specialized modules

Quality Management in Healthcare


Monitoring and evaluation of quality and safety in the provision of health services is an integral part of the process of providing comprehensive health care. Ensuring the quality of health care is a process that consists of defining quality, determining indicators or criteria of the structure, processes, and results of care, specifying standardized methods for measuring indicators and criteria, institutionalizing, and establishing quality assurance programs, monitoring activities, planning, implementing interventions to problem solving and subsequent evaluation of interventions.

Crisis Management in Healthcare


The crisis preparedness of the healthcare sector requires the functionality of the management and executive components in the provision of healthcare even in the conditions of the occurrence and impact of disasters. It expands the legislative framework of the basic outline of the responsibility of managers in middle and senior management positions in the issue of disaster medicine with the definition of the tasks of the health sector in emergency and crisis situations.

Legislative Support and Grant Procedures in Healthcare


Legislative support for the provision of health services and good knowledge of grant management processes is an integral part of managers in middle and top management positions of all health and social service providers. This is a key skill that enables good orientation and the art of responding to current stimuli and challenges.