Specialized block MBA

Master of Business Administration
MBA Sport Management

The second block of study is specialized block and consists of three educational modules, which the student completes within his specialization. The modules of the specialization take place within one course day. Students choose an exact date from a wide range directly in the student section.

List of Specialized Modules

Management in Sports


In this module, students will deepen their knowledge of management issues with an orientation to sports and all aspects related to this area. The module focuses on the issue of different types of strategic management of sports organizations and also discusses the possible decisions that managers may face. Students will acquire the ability to identify problems, but also the possibilities and opportunities that organizations may encounter. The issue of organizing large sporting events and related activities will also be discussed. Thanks to the teaching and the acquired knowledge, the graduates will be better oriented in this area, they will be able to perform an analysis of the situation and respond adequately.

Sport Psychology


Sport psychology is a relatively young scientific discipline. The module will introduce various categories of sports, personality type diagnostics in athletes and the possibility of using their characteristics and abilities such as temperament, ability to concentrate, motivation, aggression and more in the sports environment. Attention will also be focused on the psychology of coaching – how to analyze problems in sports performance, how to apply mental hygiene to achieve the desired effects on the psyche of the athlete, etc. The companies involved in sports psychology will not be left out.

Sport Law


The module aims to look at sports and physical education from the perspective of law and regulation. This specific area includes knowledge of civil, labor, commercial, competition and other legal fields. The aim of the module is to pass on knowledge and skills that are applicable to everyday professional practice. Thus, attention will be focused on legal norms in the field of sports, but also on sports rules. The interpretation will be based on both the Czech and European environment. Important sports legislation will be presented – standards and regulations of a general nature that can be applied to the field of sports, together with standards that have been developed and are used exclusively to regulate the field of sports relations. Graduates of this module will also be familiar with the functioning, scope and structures of sports associations. The complicated conclusion of athletes’ contracts and the legal or tax regulation of sponsorship will not be left out either.